About Us

Our Mission:
To provide high quality, affordable metal design work that is both decorative and functional for many applications.

About Us:
Imagine That!! is a family business that was founded in the year 2000. It started simply with creating items around and involving our family’s hobby, which is riding and showing horses. We found that items made from metal, for which there are many in the horse industry, like bridle holders, coat racks or weathervanes, were either very utilitarian or those that had metal artwork were so poorly done that the horses often looked like other animals or blobs. In meeting a man that owned a high-precision laser cutting machine, the idea came to us that there was a built-in clientele in the horse show world and many products that could be made better or enhanced with metal artwork. Thus, Imagine That!! was born.

Since that time, the company has expanded its product line and we now include many things besides horses. Additionally, our focus has expanded from just creating our own designs, to providing custom metal work. In this way, Imagine That!! can provide the customer with exactly what they want and need. From simply altering our own existing designs, to working from the customer’s logo or design, to completing an entirely new design, Imagine That!! has been able to fill a niche that the average consumer is generally unable to find or afford. Our custom projects range from a wedding cake topper to a multiple layer and multiple medium sign that included both metal and glass for Princeton Brain & Spine to deck railings to street signs. The possibilities are virtually limitless. If you can imagine it, Imagine That!! can make it!

About What We Do:
Nearly all of our projects start with a hand drawing. This drawing is then scanned into a computer where it is cleaned-up and configured for a program that the laser cutter can read. The laser cutter is precise down to nearly a hairline and works on sheets of metal up to 5’ x 10’. It can cut thickness of metal from ½” to 20 gage (.0359”). In addition to steel, which is the medium that we primarily use, the laser can also cut aluminum, stainless steel and some other materials like plexi-glass, depending on the application.

The next step in the process is generally fabrication. Many of our products need welding, like our garden stakes, or bending, like our hose holders. We have also been incorporating machined aluminum into some of our new custom pieces and our hitch cover backs.

Generally, the final step in our process is the finish. While some of our products are left unfinished or are finished in natural rust, many of our products are powder coated. Powder coating is applied electrostatically and is then baked onto the metal. It is more durable than paint and is more desirable for outdoor products or products that are heavily used. We typically use powder coating colors from Cardinal (Download Cardinal’s Color Brochure here), but we can get other colors to match just about anything. Chemical treatments and plating are also options.

All of our work is done locally. We still believe in Made in the USA!!

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